Hi, I am Brennan Mercado from the Philippines.

The Weekend Dispatch documents my short ‘dispatches’ or trips, both the recent and not so recent ones,  around the Philippines and overseas.

I say ‘short’ because I actually have a 9-6 job that’s why I only get to travel during my days off.  I’ve been tempted though to quit my corporate stint to give me more days to be on the road. But I actually enjoy my work aside from the fact that it pays the bills and allows me to explore the world outside my cubicle, one weekend at at time.

I hope that through this travel blog, you will somehow be inspired to move out of your comfort zone, to experience another culture and then return every Monday to work, enriched by life and renewed with a different perspective.


For inquiries and collaborations, please send me a quick email – theweekenddispatch@gmail.com.


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